The David Bangsberg and Conrad Muzoora Mentorship Project

Just harboring talent is often not the whole nine-​yards. It needs a teacher to grow, experiment, and learn from. If Wilhelm Maybach hadn’t received right guidance from Gottlieb Daimler, he may not have been able to invent the internal combustion engine. Looking at how history of automotive mobility unfolded from this point on, it would be fair to say that there would be no Mercedes either. This is the difference right guidance brings. For Ulrich “Uli” Schmid-​Maybach, creating similar opportunities that mentor talented individuals facing adversities is a natural extension.

It all started when the Maybach Foundation roped in David Bangsberg, MD, a leading researcher in curing HIV to mentor Conrad Muzoora, MD, a Ugandan medical researcher and Head of Internal Medicine at Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST). He extensively trained at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Harvard University. His research has been widely cited in major publications and leading journals of the world. Today, Dr. Muzoora is leading research on curing HIV/​AIDS in Uganda and successfully applying key findings of his research on patients, resulting in favorable outcomes. Furthermore, Dr. Muzoora serves as a role model to the next generation of young medical researchers and mentors Harvard University students in his home country. The Maybach Foundation is heartened to be closely involved in a project that has profoundly impacted the lives of the patients and the Ugandan society at large.

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