Maybach Mentoring : Documenting the Rebuilding of the World Trade Center

In 2008, the Maybach Foundation initiated The World Trade Center Documentary Arts Project. Silverstein Properties and the Maybach Foundation came together in giving four photographers an opportunity to record the redevelopment of the new World Trade Center tower in New York. The Foundation was able to bring in Joe Woolhead, the official photographer of the World Trade Center to be the official mentor to the four protégé photographers : Marika Asatiani (Tbilisi, Georgia), Benjamin Jarosch (New York, United States), Nicole Tung (New York, United States), and Vicky Roy (New Delhi, India).

The young photographers learned to critically expose and document socially and politically sensitive themes, how to express their unique perspectives through their work and how to motivate their audience into critical thought. In addition to the lead Mentor Joe Woolhead, the Proteges worked with other world-​renowned photographers and co-​mentors including David Handschuh, Horst Hamann, David Humen Kennerly, and Dawn Sheggeby. The project was officially concluded with an exhibit of the photographs in New York.

The project’s objective was to compellingly capture the rebuilding of the World Trade Center tower. The project received significant international press coverage and was officially concluded with an exhibit of the protégés› photographs in New York City. Today, all four protégés are actively giving back to society through their photography and their collective work from this project is now featured as a permanent exhibit on the 7th floor of the newly constructed One World Trade Center. 

Through these mentoring projects, the Maybach Foundation sets out to enable young, talented individuals to exert influence with their ideas and talents. The Foundation’s methodology is based on the strong history and tradition of passing on knowledge, expertise and, last but not the least, a relentless pursuit of creating new paths. In the recent years, this has naturally given rise to a new mission : to resplendently present the history of the ingenious designers Wilhelm and Karl Maybach, and build a bridge connecting this past with the future to preserve a sacred and timeless legacy. 

The Maybach legacy is a testament to the power of mentoring.

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