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The Maybach Foundation showcases Maybach engineering & design heritage and offers programs that mentor talent and inspire innovation.

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Here you can find out everything about 100 Years of Maybach automotive history, starting with the first Maybach ‘Versuchswagen 1’ from 1921 through the legendary Maybach Type 12 Zeppelin, to the Mercedes-​Maybach S‑Class from 2020

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Our Mission

At the Maybach Foundation, we focus on a dual-​mission approach : honoring the history of the ingenious designers Wilhelm and Karl Maybach, while developing mentoring projects designed to build bridges from the past into the future so that new inspirations and innovations can emerge.

The Maybach legacy is a testament to the power of mentoring.


Your best future is helping someone else find theirs.

We believe in the power of mentoring and offer programs that mentor talented individuals to inspire innovation.

Mentoring Compendium
Past Mentorship Projects


Mobility by land, sea, and air.

Wilhelm and Karl Maybach were pioneers, entrepreneurs, and revolutionaries, whose work forever disrupted power and mobility as it was known.

Let their history inspire our future.

Maybach DNA

Our Work

The Maybach Foundation In The News

Check out the Maybach Foundation’s news coverage (German & English) and read up on all the stories we’ve been a part of in our press portal.


The Maybach DNA & Maybach Powered

The Maybach DNA stands for quality, precision, design, and legacy.

At the Foundation, we have identified a number of ‘Maybach DNA Markers’ which serve as an expression of the iconic Maybach innovations, groundbreaking achievements in engineering and design, as well as methodologies that made Maybach an innovative powerhouse in the 20th century.

Maybach Powered’ is an art-​series developed in collaboration with world-​renowned artist Michael Schwab that encapsulates the Maybach DNA ecosystem and the famous Maybach mantra of “mobility by land, air, and sea”.


The Maybach Foundation Mentoring Compendium

As a mentor, you are embarking on a journey that will have a long-​lasting and positive impact on another person’s life. Mentoring will change the way you think about your work and your role in helping others become successful both personally and professionally. Mentoring relationships are unique and our goal is to help you learn and apply the skills needed to become an effective mentor.

Under our motto « Your best future is helping someone else find theirs », we have been managing mentoring projects since 2006. In order to share our knowledge and encourage others to get involved in mentoring projects, we have put together the Maybach Foundation Mentoring Compendium, a 90-​page handbook that teaches you the core skills required to become a mentor yourself.


The Maybach Foundation Patrons

With the wish to expand, as well as strengthen our community, we have made being a part of the Maybach journey easier : you now have the chance to become a Maybach Foundation Patron.

Memberships are issued on an annual basis and come with a number of exclusive benefits, such as invitations to all Maybach Foundation events including the Mentor Talks, Receptions, and Galas ! The introduction of the Maybach Foundation Patrons makes it even easier for you to support our ventures and allows you to become an essential part of the Foundation’s mission and the realization of our projects.


Past Mentoring Projects

The Maybach Foundation excellence in mentoring leadership program (2006−2014) provided extraordinarily talented young adults in adversity with the opportunity to connect and mentor with distinguished global leaders in order to make a profound and positive difference in their lives and in the world.


Restoring a true Maybach Artifact

In 2014, the Maybach Foundation acquired a historic artifact of the Maybach history : the last SVT express railcar 137 856 « Type Cologne » from the 1930s.

The SVT high-​speed railcars are considered to be the world’s first high-​speed trains. With the conversion from traditional steam engines to modern, high-​speed diesel engines, the “flying trains” powered by Maybach engines paved the way for a new era of mobility and travel. Through the refurbishing of the SVT “Cologne“, the Maybach Foundation sets out to breathe new life into a milestone of German engineering.


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Yacht (White)

Explore our limited-​edition « Maybach Powered » collection made in collaboration with the Michael Schwab Studio and Maybach Icons of Luxury !

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Support our mission and make a change. Your contribution is key to continue funding our philanthropic projects. We couldn’t do it without you. Our history, your future !

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