The Mercedes-​Maybach brand welcomes Maybach Foundation Supporters, Contributors, and Patrons to a private luncheon at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California

San Francisco, CA. The Maybach Foundation joined an array of its supporters, contributors, and patrons at a private luncheon hosted by the Maybach brand at this year’s Concours d’Elegance. This intimate, invite-​only gathering, which took place at Pebble Beach, California on Saturday, August 19th, 2023, was a unique opportunity for Mercedes-​Maybach enthusiasts, exclusive Maybach Foundation Contributors and Patrons, as well as industry executives to come together in support of mentoring, sophistication, & innovation.

In addition to an exquisite lunch, guests of the foundation were treated to an intriguing Maybach panel discussion which saw the likes of Dr. Poppy Crum (An Expert in Technology-​Driven Innovation & Human Evolution at Stanford University), Daniel Lescow (CEO of Mercedes-​Maybach), as well as Ulrich Schmid-​Maybach (President and Founder of the Maybach Foundation) exchange their thoughts and ideas on the role of modern technologies and the rise of artificial intelligence. The discussion, moderated by well-​renowned television talk-​show host, Chi-​Lan Lieu, both invigorated and enlightened all who were fortunate enough to be in attendance.

During these avant-​garde, expeditious, and continuously evolving times, it is imperative for us to focus on building, and maintaining trust. Trust within our organizations, trust amongst our communities, and trust within ourselves. We, as the Maybach Foundation, want to be involved, and for that matter associated, with members, corporations, and projects that stand for something innovative and pioneering, but more importantly, trustworthy,” explained Ulrich Schmid-​Maybach, President, and Founder of the Maybach Foundation. “There is no doubt that technology and artificial intelligence will continue to shape the modern world, however it is what we do with these technologies, and how we use them to support one another that will define us.” 

Mr. Schmid-​Maybach further outlined the purpose of the Foundation, as well as upcoming initiatives and collaboratives efforts, while other members of the panel included their own take on artificial intelligence, and technology, and how these topics continue to be incorporated into their own organizations and industries. Robert Landsness from Engel & Voelkers stated : “It was exciting to join the Maybach Lunch during this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The thought leadership panel on the subject of AI was truly remarkable. We at Engel & Voelkers share the vision that mentorship is crucial to the future of our society. Together we achieve more!”

Lastly, a special mention went to the Maybach Foundation’s general contributors, supporters, and patrons whose generosity continues to inspire, as well as provide a platform for the next generation of innovators. Namely, Mr. Schmid-​Maybach thanked the following organizations on behalf of the Maybach Foundation :

Silver Contributors :
A privately held global investment company whose value-​oriented investment approach utilizes their extensive local network to originate and execute proprietary investment opportunities.

Bronze Plus Contributors :

The recognized brand for Dassault business jets designed, manufactured, and supported by Dassault Aviation.

A family-​office-​backed private investment firm on a mission to change the flow of capital to female founders.

Bronze Contributors :

A premier digital platform for alternative investments catering to High-​Net-​Worth Individuals and business owners in Japan, and beyond.

A global luxury real estate brand who draws on its rich European history to deliver a fresh approach to luxury real estate in the Americas.

A software and data platform purpose-​built for professional wealth, investment, and asset management firms to deliver outstanding results for their clients.

An insurance brokerage and consulting firm delivering property, casualty, and employee benefits, as well as private-​risk-​and-​retirement solutions to single and multi-​family offices.

A premium global chauffeur service provider whose mission is to create true peace of mind for discerning travelers by delivering perfect experiences around the world.

A seed-​stage, enterprise software venture fund focused on backing repeat, often underrepresented and immigrant, founders.

The Maybach Foundation showcases Maybach’s engineering & design heritage and offers programs that mentor talent and inspire innovation. We focus on a dual-​mission approach : Honoring the history of the ingenious designers Wilhelm and Karl Maybach, while developing mentoring projects designed to build bridges from the past to the future so that new inspirations and innovations can emerge. Your best future is helping someone else find theirs — The Maybach legacy is a testament to the power of mentoring.

To join the Maybach Foundation Community (“The Maybach Foundation Patrons”), get involved in mentoring opportunities, or secure your spot at future Maybach-​exclusive events, make sure to visit the Foundation website, www​.maybach​.org.

For Media, PR, and upcoming events or other inquiries, please contact Dr. Corinna Basler :

Alternatively, for any further information, please visit our social media pages :

LinkedIn : www​.linkedin​.com/​c​o​m​p​a​n​y​/​m​a​y​b​a​c​h​-​f​o​u​n​d​a​t​i​on/

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We look forward to seeing you again next year ! 

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