Maybach Powered : The Zeppelin Poster


'Maybach Powered' by world-renowned artist Michael Schwab is a poster art series displaying iconic moments and achievements in the Maybach history and heritage of design and engineering. The Maybach Foundation currently offers three poster versions: "The Train", "The Zeppelin", and "The Yacht".

"The Zeppelin" encapsulates the Maybach legacy of pioneering mobility by air. To learn more about the history hiding behind the 'Maybach Powered' series and how it impacts our heritage work, click here.

Michael Schwab is famous for his iconic poster art and has developed a series of three posters for the Maybach Foundation, making the Maybach Foundation x Michael Schwab products collector's items.

Stay tuned, there's more to come!

To prevent posters from being damaged during shipping, all posters are shipped in tubes.

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Designed in the US by Michael Schwab.
Printed & tubed in California.


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