IAA Maybach Brand Workshop

The Maybach Foundation participated in the exclusive IAA Maybach Brand Workshop in Munich, Germany on September 5th, 2021. President and Founder Ulrich Schmid-​Maybach joined the panel discussion, « 100 years of Maybach : A World of Excellence, Where did it Start, & Where Does It Go ? » Also on the panel were Philipp Schiemer, (Head of Top-​End Vehicle Group, Daimler AG) and Hartmut Sinkwitz (Director Interior Design, Daimler AG). They key topics for the panel were : The Maybach history and heritage, the future and the vision of the Maybach brand going forward.

Hartmut Sinkwitz (Director Interior Design, Daimler AG), Ulrich Schmid-​Maybach (President and Founder Maybach Foundation) and Philipp Schiemer (Head of Top-​End Vehicle Group, Daimler AG)

« Maybach Story, as the ultimate automobile creator, goes back to the origin of the Maybach family and to the essence of « quality made in Germany. » « This archetype, where those who made something from nothin, established and transferred generational wisdom and then formed a culture of creativity and innovation around it. », says Ulrich Schmid-​Maybach. Uli emphasized the relevance of mentorship and how it has a long-​lasting impact. The Maybach Foundation was established in 2005 is a nonprofit organization that honors the lifetime work of Wilhelm and Karl Maybach. The next generations of innovators will be molded proactively with mentorship groups implemented by the Maybach Foundation. « Your best future is helping someone find theirs. »,confirms Uli Maybach — as it explains the deep purpose behind this nonprofit and what it enables. You can find more information on our website www​.maybach​.org

At the IAA Maybach Brand Workshop, the Maybach Foundation was presented in a dedicated partner exposition booth to introduce and elaborate our innovative, digital educational projects. The event was joined by 30 exclusively selected international journalists. We additionally attended the Sneak Peek World Premiere of two new profoundly special Maybach car models. Congratulations to the Mercedes-​Maybach brand and its team !

Founder and President of the Maybach Foundation Ulrich Schmid-​Maybach with the new Maybach Foundation book.

At the IAA Maybach Brand Workshop, we have also proudly presented the new Maybach Foundation book : Our History, Your Future — which provided a review of the Maybach Foundation projects since the establishment of our organization.

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