We are pleased to support Culinary Arts Projects in Sustainable Food and Food Movement Leadership

Culinary Arts - Food Movement Leadership
Culinary Arts - Sustainable Fishing
The Maybach Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of Tessa Tricks, from the United Kingdom, to come to San Francisco and work with Seedling Projects. Tessa worked on the 2014 Good Foods Award as well as developing involvement in the Good Food Merchants Guild.
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  The Maybach Foundation is pleased to announce that Amanda LaBelle, from the State of Maine, was selected for a project focused on sustainable fishing. Her project was based in Maine and she was mentored by Monique Coombs.» Learn more 
The Global Health Scholars
Vahakn Arslanian Exhibition in New York City
In Spring 2012, The Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation held a round table discussion with Protégé Dr. Conrad Muzoora and invited leaders in the fields of global health. Dr. Muzoora presented his current research and undertakings in the fight against HIV/AIDS in his home country, Uganda.
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  The Maybach Foundation is pleased to announce the success of Protégé Vahakn Arslanian’s newest exhibition in New York City, titled 'Holy, Heavenly. » Learn more 

The Maybach Foundation partnered with Maybach Manufaktur promotes the idea of mentoring which is so central to the Maybach brand and the Maybach Foundation going back to Wilhelm Maybach, and found today in Maybach DNA.