Students visit the Museum for Historical Maybach Cars in Neumarkt, Germany as a part of the Educational Train Journey (September 2017). IMAGE CREDIT: Mark Dean Photography

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Founder/President Uli Maybach and Train Project Manager Andreas Hoffman-Daimler with the SVT 137 856 “Köln.” IMAGE CREDIT: Christiane Schleifenbaum Fotografie

Rich with a heritage of engineering creativity and design innovation, the Maybach Foundation is dedicated to fostering the spirit innovation for current generations and those yet to come. Through Foundation’s work with the Maybach Stiftung, a sister organization located in Germany, new projects are emerging to capture and share the unique Maybach history with today’s audiences. The Foundation and Stiftung are collaborating to create pathways to an enhanced collection of archival information and educate audiences on using the past to spark new ingenuity and develop paradigms for the challenges of today.

The dream of restoring an original 1938 SVT 137 856 “Köln” train was first conceived as an innovative approach to telling the Maybach story. Today we are embarking on an ambitious restoration project to revive this iconic Maybach engineering masterpiece of speed and aerodynamics.
The SVT 137 series, also known as the legendary aerodynamic “flying trains,” were the first hi-speed trains in the world and connected Germany’s major metropolises at unprecedented speeds. The Flying Kölner’s record-setting 205 kilometer-per-hour velocity helped set the stage for modern hi-speed rail systems that today connect numerous cities in nearly 20 countries. To reach such top speeds, Karl Maybach constructed the first fast-running 12-cylinder diesel engine and put it in a train. He also designed the train to minimize air resistance and tested it in the Zeppelin Aircraft Company’s Friedrichshafen wind tunnel.
This first-of-its-kind historical restoration is currently under way and will be completed in coming years. Pilot program test trips began in 2017 for select groups during the restoration with trains provided by other sources.

Working with its German partners the Maybach Stiftung and Maybach Museum Freundeskreis (association), the Maybach Foundation is acquiring historically significant artifacts, documents and related objects to form the basis of an archive. The archive’s purpose is to commemorate Maybach Motorworks contributions to and place in engineering and design history. The earliest documents chronicle stories of the extraordinary work culture and production achievement of Motorworks employees, managers and their families. The Maybach Freundeskreis opened a preview of this growing collection with an exhibition titled “In the Air, on the Water and on Land: Maybach’s Genius and Company History 1883-1969” in Friedrichshafen from September 22, 2017 to January 21, 2018.

On September 21, 2017, a Letter of Intent was signed with Friedrichshafen’s Mayor Andreas Brand for a Maybach Museum Section and an exhibition idea was born. Planning for a distinguished exhibition is now underway with architectural bidding in progress. This new museum section will include the Foundation’s growing archival collection, a project that has already gathered over 2,000 important historical items, and will be adjacent to the Zeppelin Museum on the shore of Lake Constance.

In September 2017, we tested a unique educational and problem-solving teaching model on a one-day train journey with 43 students from the Wilhelm Maybach Schule in Heilbronn, Germany. Aboard a TEE Rheingold, a historic Trans-Europe express train of the Deutsche Bahn Museum, students participated in a fun, team-building experience that required collaboration, planning and application to find their way out of fictional exit rooms. Designed exclusively for the Maybach organization, the teams discovered clues and solved historically-influenced puzzles to unlock answers as they traveled through Germany.

To read more about programs at the Maybach Stiftung click here.

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