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In 1972 Maybach first rode in the back of his grandfather’s vintage 12 cylinder Maybach car and attended board meetings of Maybach Motorworks in his elders’ shadow while quietly shaking off jetlag. Forty years later he’s established the Maybach Foundation that earned him United Nations’ recognition on its council of mentors, and co-founded the Maybach Icons GmbH, a luxury goods accessory company complimenting Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Maybach marquis and sitting on the board of the Good Food awards indulging his passion for great wholesome food. In his quest for the map to an authentic past Maybach is restoring the world’s first hi-speed train from the 1930’s as a living museum, as well as creating a home station for it and an archive of all things Maybach.  Predestined to be a chemist, Maybach self-determined a different future by pursuing a master in international management and an entrepreneurial career with verticals in aquaculture, real estate, software and family office finance. An avid four-season mountain traveler Maybach drives an electric smart in the city and rides in comfortable trains whenever possible. He lives in San Francisco with his wife Danielle and their dog Cocoa and looks after his six god children.

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