Ulrich Schmid-Maybach (“Uli Maybach”) represents the fourth generation of family business started by his great grandfather, Wilhelm Maybach, who designed the first Mercedes in 1901.  Mr. Maybach’s grandfather, Karl Maybach, pioneered the large diesel engines which have powered German trains for almost 100 years, the famous Zeppelin airships, boats, and the luxurious Maybach automobiles of the 1920’s and 30’s.

With an academic background in international business with German emphasis, and an early career in software and real estate development, Maybach consulted on strategic international business practices to the family business (Maybach Motorenbau / MTU) founded in 1909 by his grandfather and great grandfather, and shepherded its hugely successful 2003 IPO (Tognum AG) with Daimler AG and private equity firm EQT.

Maybach functioned as global brand ambassador for the 2003 re-launch of the Maybach Saloon by Daimler AG., and is founder and Chief Strategist at Maybach Icons of Luxury, producer of ultra-luxury eyewear, leather accessories and equestrian goods sold worldwide under the official Maybach license www.maybach-luxury.com

Inspired by his great grandfather’s humble origins as an orphan in 1850’s Germany, Mr. Maybach launched the Maybach Foundation (www.maybach.org) in 2006 at the United Nations with the mission to mentor talent in adversity to effect positive social change, and as strategic charitable partner to the Maybach automotive brand.  Mr. Maybach was inducted into the Council of Mentors of the United Nations Global Youth Leadership Network in New York on October 2006.

Most recently, Mr. Maybach has embarked on the development of a Maybach Museum and is restoring the world’s first high speed train (fliegender Koelner) from 1930’s Germany powered by original Maybach engines, with the assistance of architect and museum specialist Andreas Hoffmann-Daimler the great grandson of Maybach’s great grandfather’s business partner Gottlieb Daimler.

Maybach is a frequent speaker on mentoring, philanthropy and sustaining the family brand. An avid skier and outdoor enthusiast he is as likely to drive a Maybach as an electric Smart car but is most likely to be found on board a train.

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