Protégé Helps Shape Uganda Health Leadership

Protégé Helps Shape Uganda Health Leadership

Maybach Foundation Global Health Scholars project protégé Dr. Conrad Muzoora is training at the University of California, San Francisco this year, while at the same time helping to shape the next generation of researchers in Uganda, where his research continues.

Prof. Tony Wilson, one of his mentors at Mbarara University in Uganda, recently described the impact of Dr. Muzoora’s work: “Dr. Muzoora sets an example as a committed clinician in the hospital... He is an excellent mentor for our postgraduate students, a role he fulfils very thoroughly and with great patience. With his help as overseer of our post graduates, we are turning out well-trained specialists in medicine to the benefit of the local population."

Dr. Muzoora’s research focuses on co-infections of meningitis and tuberculosis with HIV, seeking improved treatment outcomes. The outflow of medical professionals from the region to the developed world — “brain drain” — puts immense strain on Uganda’s ability to respond effectively to these widespread diseases. As a result, Dr. Muzoora’s role as a mentor to young professionals in the healthcare field will help achieve the larger goal of establishing the next generation of global health leadership in regions that need it the most, including Uganda. His mentees say his support has made a great difference for them:

Dr. Muzoora advised me from the time of getting my dissertation idea to final point of the presentation. I passed the dissertation with a mark of a distinction, but I believe a lot of credit goes to Conrad for all the time and guidance offered to me towards this study. I have found him to be an earnest, intelligent, and hardworking colleague as well as boss, [and] I believe [he] has an excellent future ahead of him. The offer for a career in research has not only benefited him alone, but all at the university and [in] the whole nation. — Dr. Richard Ssekitoleko

To us, his students, Conrad is a valuable teacher. We are very optimistic that his training through the Global Health Scholars program will indeed trickle down to us. — Dr. Kabanda Taseera

As an undergraduate medical student and intern doctor, Conrad was the best teacher that I met. He was very inspirational to me, and he encouraged me to join the internal medicine postgraduate training programme. He did a great job mentoring me and the other postgraduates, he has great leadership skills, and we all, at one time or the other, always fall back to him, especially when it comes to issues that have to do with research. He has been a great asset to us as a department, being one of our most dedicated seniors. Any support offered to him by the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation and Harvard University is support being offered the whole of Mbarara University, and Uganda at large. — Dr. Joselyn Rwebembera

Support for Dr. Muzoora is part of the Maybach Foundation’s Global Health Scholars project (formerly the Africa Health Sciences project), which the Foundation undertakes in partnership with Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. The project was the inspiration for a broader GHS expansion that will add protégés in Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, and China in the next few years.

Investing in a single person who shows promise of changing the lives of many is the Maybach Foundation’s core strategy. Regarding Dr. Muzoora’s work, Prof. Wilson added, “His studies are likely to influence the general management of these [health] issues, as we feel the current world guidelines do not fully take account of the reality in Africa. I believe your Foundation has every reason to be happy with your investment in his support."


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