How One Person Can Help Many

How One Person Can Help Many

How can the work of one person make a difference in the lives of many others? The Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation was founded to answer this very question. Inspired by the dramatic benefits for global populations brought about by Wilhlem Maybach’s innovative engineering feats, the Foundation supports individual leaders early in their careers — individuals whose work shows promise of positive change for many. Your support makes it possible. Please join us as we grow.

Support Ground-Breaking Research to Save Lives, Families, Economies

Thanks to the support of our donors, Maybach Foundation Protégé Dr. Conrad Muzoora is conducting research that promises to reduce the number of people who die from co-infections of HIV and other infectious diseases. With guidance from his mentor, leading treatment specialist Dr. David Bangsberg of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Muzoora is helping families stay intact and adults remain productive members of local economies. Your support also enables him to mentor and train other researchers whose work shows similar promise. This creates a cadre of specialists in Uganda and the broader region, reducing dependence on foreign aid. Give a gift today to support this ground-breaking work. Increase your giving to allow us to add a Global Health Scholar protégé in Tanzania in 2010. Double your gift to help us lay the groundwork to expand the project into China.

Support a Role Model for Youth Facing Adversity

Success is inspiring. Driven by what he’s learned from his own role models, Maybach Foundation Protégé Sbu Duma is determined to inspire other young people facing adversity to overcome those barriers, no matter how daunting. Mr. Duma is an extraordinarily promising young South African polo player. He aspires not only to become the first black high-goal professional polo player to represent his country on his national polo team, but to use his success to enable young South Africans and others to achieve their own dreams by speaking at schools and teaching disadvantaged youth to play polo. Donate to the Maybach Foundation today. Your gift will enable this young role model to train with one of the world’s leaders in his sport and to continue to share his inspiration, determination, and success with young people at home who hardly dare dream of overcoming the barriers they face.

Your One Gift Helps Many

Give an unrestricted gift to the Maybach Foundation and you will support these and other protégés whose extraordinary promise can bring positive change to many others. Your support will help us develop new projects in water issues in the Middle East, engineering, and other disciplines. You are one person who can help many. Support the Foundation’s work today.

Join Us!

Your Role as a substantial donor or patron helps the Foundation provide appropriate resources for our protégés to make sure that adversity does not stand in the way of their success. To become a Foundation supporter, please join our Business Council, become a Global Corporate Sponsor, or make a donation. Please visit the website or contact the Foundation at or +1 (415) 571-8810 (US) or +49 (160) 96 244 131 (Germany) to learn more. Thank you for your support!

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