The Maybach Foundation is proud to partner with companies and individuals to foster its goal of leadership through mentoring. We spotlight below our two new partners of 2011

Spotlight on Maybach

Daimler AG and its Maybach brand are providing core support to the Excellence in Mentoring Leadership program, Daimler and Maybach partner with the Foundation to offer shared events that help connect protégés with world-class mentors and patrons. Maybach also assists the Foundation by helping to identify future mentors and individual donors from its high-net-worth global network. This intersection of corporate social responsibility and family philanthropy results in an unparalleled level of support to each individual protégé, helping make true innovation possible as their careers develop. Experience Maybach

Spotlight on ECD International

ECD international is a full service agency which is specialized in integrated communications for companies and brands positioned in the premium and luxury segment. ECD knows how to handle the specific rules of those markets and rely on an extensive and resilient network worldwide for years now.

By virtue of its relationship with the Maybach automotive brand, ECD has been instrumental in helping the Maybach Foundation distribute its message of mentoring and leadership on a global scale. In particular ECD is involved in assistance with the Foundation’s arts mentorships, in developing catalogue preparation and the mounting of exhibitions and events. Many thanks to ECD for its generous assistance.

Spotlight on the brand Felix Bopp and the founder

FELIX BOPP is a German based luxury brand standing for extraordinary design and products. The intention of the founder and designer Felix Bopp is to create an ambiance of exclusivity and up to date young, innovating and elegant lifestyle. Originally coming from technical product design in the past, now they have launched a new fashion line of accessories, starting with a belt and buckle collection in 2011. Felix Bopp and his team set high value on handcraft and sustainable excellent quality.

“Since my childhood I like to create. My intention is to create an atmosphere that beautifies life and gives people a good feeling along their daily life. In our products you’ll find passion for extraordinary design. With the brand FELIX BOPP we make a statement of luxury products in a contemporary way and want to spread our lifestyle around the world. As a young company we love working together with talents in fashion, arts and business, especially with young talents. I’m convinced that working in partnerships is the best way to get things moving and being successful. We can’t start early enough to take responsibility for future generation. So the outstanding concept of the Maybach Foundation to encourage young talents and future leaders fits perfect to our philosophy and I look forward to the partnership with the Maybach Foundation.


Spotlight on the Sean Knibb

Knibb Design is an award-winning environmental design/build firm based in Los Angeles, providing comprehensive landscape, interior and furniture design services for a wide range of residential, hospitality and community projects in California, New York and Jamaica. Company principal Sean Knibb is influenced by his travels, contemporary art, fashion and nature.
"I have been fortunate over the years to have had key individuals guide and mentor me through my education, both as an artist and a business professional. As a prominent florist in Jamaica, my grandmother was my first mentor and I would assist her in cultivating Anthuriums in the garden, and later working to create arrangements. I shared her passion for working with Nature, and as a result, I gained the ability to see first hand how through care and time ideas grow, and in my case, turn into environments. Over the years these designs have come to signify my outlook on life: they blend past experiences with attempts, mistakes, as well as successes.  With the Maybach Foundation at the forefront, we have only great things to look forward to."

Spotlight on dB Boots and Bags and Alexandra deBruné

dB is a French company that develops its leather belts, bags and boots in Buenos Aires, where their designs are inspired by the polo playing world. Owners and managers are polo players and fashion experts from Paris who have their hands on the best designs and leather factories, not only in Europe but also in Argentina, from where the Pampa design, polo flair and the best quality leathers come. The Maybach Foundation is proud to announce the partnership with Alexandra deBruné and her dB line of polo inspired products.

«Polo conjures images of glamour, excitement and fluidity in motion. Argentina rings of adventure and independence. It was on these ideas and principles which I founded my company. One key aspect which has aided me since I began my endeavors is to know that the best partners are available to lend advice on the most pressing of issues. Similar to the relationship between mentor and protégé, finding partners with whom I can work to help my business grow, while simultaneously retaining my original vision for the company will prove beneficial at all levels of growth. Because of this, I have decided to partner with the Maybach Foundation. Through the fostering of ideas and support by world class mentors and promising protégés, this foundation is encouraging positive change beginning with deserving young individuals. I look forward to future work with the Maybach Foundation and its programs.

Spotlight on Friedrich and Vivien Beck, Stuttgart Attorneys

The husband and wife team of Friedrich and Vivien Beck, headquartered in Stuttgart, have offered to provide pro bono legal services to the Maybach Stiftung, also based in Stuttgart. Many thanks to Friedrich and Vivien for their generous assistance.